Sunday, April 24, 2011

Another Journey

I write my best when I'm writing about my travels.  A new place always inspires me.  But I haven't been writing much lately for a variety of reasons, none of them because I haven't been traveling.  Life seems to be more busy now than ever, even though I thought once the kids left home I would have time to burn.  I'm struggling with a few things in my life right now, but one major issue is my weight.  I've always struggled with it, either with actually being overweight or feeling like I am.

So I was thinking about it on my drive home today and I had an idea.  What if I treat my quest for balance in my eating habits and weight loss goals as a journey, a "travel" of sorts, and document it here as I would any other journey?  Maybe this could be helpful for me because I could use it as a place to work through my "issues."

So I'm my making my reservation and buying my ticket.  I'm leaving tomorrow.  I will do my best to journal my thoughts and efforts on the road to a healthier self-image and a little weight loss on the side.  I'm going to need the Lord's help in so many aspects of this because consistency in anything, for one, is not my strong suit.  I am an all-or-nothing girl, either over-achieving or totally checking out. 

We'll see what kind of a trip I'll have, the people and attitudes that help me on my way, and hopefully more steps forward than back.

Gotta go.  I'm packing my bags.