Friday, April 9, 2010

Planting a Garden

Natalia has been wanting a garden for a while now. She loves to cook, so I guess it naturally follows that she would want to grow her own fresh vegetables and herbs. So today, in the glorious spring weather that is Southern California's specialty -- sunny and just warm enough -- we chose the perfect spot in our little backyard for our new venture.

After pulling up and gathering a winter's worth of weed growth and dead leaves (and a little break over lunch), we headed off to the local Do-It Center for our seeds and tomato plants, soil, and the various gardening tools that make the job that much more fun.

Tae also got his own little pots with snapdragon seeds which he planted and watered with care. Over the course of the afternoon we heard him say more than once, "Mommy, I see my plants growing." I think this may be a good lesson in patience.
We decided that our little garden would consist of zucchini (a sure producer for beginning gardeners), squash, green onions, eggplant (maybe too ambitious?) and tomatoes (cherry and Roma), with the herbs in pots around the yard--cilantro, thyme, parsley.

We'll see if we can keep this up, watered and weeded. I think we have a little inspiration. Somebody is waiting for his little plants to appear. We don't want to disappoint!